It’s always an adventure when we, Cobalt and Tawny, AKA: Jody and Juliana get to be together to tackle business because pleasure soon follows. 

It may seem like all pleasure by looking at our posts and stories (which are pretty hilarious at times)  but we are working very hard to get our name out there in a world full of competition.  This journey took us from Maui, our home base, to Honolulu and then Kauai.


On November 3rd we held our first pop up shop at the Andaz Hotel on Maui, guessing by the fact we’ve been asked to do them going forward on a regular basis it was a success for all.   YAY!  So promising and rewarding.  Tawny is the CEO of  MakenaSurfWear and has customers from all around the world.  She has been in business on the island since 2002.  Stay tuned for all upcoming dates of our POPUP SHOPS in our newsletter email.  SIGN UP HERE!

cobalt and tawny pop up

The following day November 4th we had a festive LOVE, LIGHT and ALOHA photoshoot at the Maui Academy of Performing Arts with the amazing and talented Brett Wulfson with Wulf Pack Creative Team.  Sneak peak coming soon!  Followed by FOOD, we eat a lot and will be sharing some of our fav hot spots with you along our journeys.  The Mill House in Maui was so delish and the history of the sugar cane comes through on their entire property.  Worth stopping in!

cobalt & tawny wulf pack

The mills house cobalt and tawny

The mills cobalt and tawny

The next morning we literally rushed to jump on an inter-island flight with Hawaiian Airlines to:


Tawny has the pleasure of coming here often so she drove and with a little help from MAP, Nav we make it to our first appointment to show our Sugar Cane Collection in Haleiwa at an amazing little boutique called Silver Moon Emporium.  Not surprising that we found the closest beach followed by beer and pupus.   This trip was all about AHI and nachos galore.  arg!

makena surf wear bardot top and bella bottom

makena surf wear makena one piece utopia

Our little bit of heaven was staying at the Modern Honolulu, a boutique style hotel with the most amazing sunsets and decor.

cobalt and tawny the modern honolulu 2

cobalt and tawny the modern honolulu


Dinner recommendations, BUHO Cocina where we watched Salsa Dancing and ate, what else….more nachos. Oh and the best selection of margaritas by the way.  Tawny had a spicy one, as usual, and Cobalt opted for Lilikoi or some exotic fruit base one.

makena surf wear and cobalt and tawny

After a few more visits to hotels, spas and boutiques in the area introducing us and our line it was time to fly out to:


Again, Tawny drove and we made it to the St. Regis Princeville  in Hanalei where the views and customer service were second to none.  Cobalts exact words ” I think I’m in Love,  so green, so lush, so perfect.”

cobalt and tawny saint rigis

cobalt and tawny osea mask

rainbow hanalei cobalt and tawny

We literally brought a suitcase with The Suagr Cane Collection in it to show boutiques and hotels, so without our steamers we drink wine and iron.  Oh yeah sometimes with black algae face masks on.  “Wine not”, we say!!

The next day we ventured out to see one of our accounts at the cutest shop, Island Hemp & Cotton.  It is a super cool feeling seeing our clothing on display.  Hard work and perseverance pays off.  Woot, Woot!

cobalt and tawny island hemp

Off to explore and utilize the very beauty of Kauais backdrop for some photo shooting of our own line on none other than ourselves, again , Wine not!   We love Kauai!!  Then we made our way to the best little local bar in Hanalei, Kalypso.  Beer on draft and guess what?  ahi nachos.  that’s right!  OMG!  Watched a little surf on the tube and talked about our next plan of attack.

makena surf wear cobalt and tawny white coconuts

white coconuts cobalt and tawny and makena surf wear

cobalt and tawny makena surf wear hanalei

cobalt and tawny hanalei

On our way back to the airport we stopped in Kapaa and popped into Shipwrecked Boutique to say hello as well.  Faces to names as they say.  And last minute we noticed that Olive Boutique was still open, how quaint is this boutique??!!  Absolutely adorable.

Making connections and exposure is truly an experience that can take us to the next level and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Together anything is possible.  Until the next adventure …C&T

cobalt and tawny aloha juice bar

Hotel recommendations:

Andaz Hotel Maui

The Modern Honolulu

St. Regis Princeville

Restaurant recommendations:

Morimotos Maui

The Mill House Maui

Buho Cantina