Italy is far more beautiful than I had ever expected.  I knew that the architecture was going to be phenomenal but the beaches and sea literally blew my mind.   I wanted to hit the touristy destination of Amalfi and Positano and let me tell you it’s exactly what you see on Instagram and/or Pinterest.   However,  seeing it with your own eyes and feeling the culture is a whole new experience and even the photos do not do it justice.

Positano pantones
Eu amo Amalfi

I really enjoy having the option of leaving one City to enjoy another not to mention checking out other boutique hotels along the way.   Trying to see as much as possible in two weeks is the goal.

It was a pleasure staying at the Hotel Santa Caterina not to mention taking a private boat trip for the day arranged via Hotel Santa Caterina – Amalfi

This exists!
Campania, Italy

Whilst in Capri, 0ur Wisteria Jumpsuit was the perfect browsing outfit from our latest collection Jardin Del Sol.

Capri and C&T
Wisteria Jumpsuit

After an amazing day on the water and eating the best gelato around it was time to leave the touristy spots behind for more of an authentic experience.  So Sicilia it was!

On our way to Sicily we stopped one night in Tropea, a beautiful historic town, with of course narrow streets that take you back in time with great restaurants and tasty Calabrian food.  What got a big WOW for me was their beaches, like something out of movie, albeit jammed packed but absolutely stunning.

Tropea Beach

Onwards to Sicily now and the drive alone kept me starring out the window for hours.  The landscape somewhat reminded my of Canada in certain regions.  The tunnels that went on for miles.  Cool roadtrip let me tell you, and they sure know how to drive in Italy, yikes!

After a few stops for Petrol and Burrata we made it to OUR CASTLE 🙂 in Sicily.  Ok so it wasn’t completely ours but what a fabulous fairy tale castle hotel (charming suites) The property and views and our dinner were by far the highlight of my trip.

Views from our Castle

The backdrop of this charming place was perfect to showcase some of our soon to be released collection, Jardin Del Sol.

Views in C&T – Camelllia Dress!
MOOD! – Zinnia Dress
All the feels in the Zinnia Dress 🙂

Camelllia Dress  – knotted!

Thank you for coming along on this journey to Italy with Cobalt and Tawny.  We hope that this has inspired you to jet set to Italia and check out our new JARDIN DEL SOL COLLECTION releasing September 1st, 2018.