Las Vegas Baby

Cobalt and Tawny took some time off to attend Project, Sourcing and WWDMagic Shows in Las Vegas, Nevada hosted by UBM Fashion.  Project / Magic is the premier contemporary fashion event held every February and August,  uniting the most influential fashion retail decision makers and the world’s top fashion brands.


Our favourite leading trend forecasting agency, Fashion Snoops held a seminar which we sat in on that really gave us inspiration and got our creative juices flowing.

We connected with so many people from around the globe and have some amazing things coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned.

Now, of course knowing us two, Cobalt and Tawny always mix a little business with pleasure and so our nights were filled with what else ??   FOOD!!  ok and some cocktails.  We will name two spots that are completely at opposite ends of the scale, but as we all know,  Vegas caters to everyone and finding something you like at any hour is extremely easy to do.

In downtown or Old Vegas as some call it we hit a lunch spot you should all try because not only is the food great the decor is quaint AF.  Park on Fremont

Cheers from Park on Fremont
Cheers from Park on Fremont


In the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Hotel is the hip, lively restaurant and lounge called STK serving steaks in the dark, ultramodern setting.  The food, drinks and atmosphere is top notch.  We came back twice for their GREEN INTENSITY drink (absolutely elyx, fresh lime, jalapeño, and basil)  Martini Style, sign me up.  Delish!

Yup that's a jalapeno!
Yup that’s a jalapeno!

In Summary, as an up and coming brand we have learnt so much from this trip.  We will take back all our knowledge gained and apply this in some fashion (no pun intended) to our business.  Cobalt and Tawny is just starting to gain traction and we are forever grateful for all the shoutouts, the feedback and the tags.  Please keep it coming.  Always feel free to reach out to us as we want a transparent relationship with our customers from all over the world.

C&T in Cobalt and Tawny
C&T in Cobalt and Tawny


Peace out Las Vegas!

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