The peaceful island is certainly the least well known of the Balearic Islands. This Mediterranean paradise has captured my heart.

Menorca is the most northerly and the second largest island on the Balearic Archipelago. It is divided into eight municipalities. The towns of Mao and Ciutadella concentrate 65% of the population. Halfway between Mao and Ciutadella is Es Mercadel. Es Mercadel is a favourite stopping off point for travellers and a venue for trade fairs and events. Near Es Mercadal is El Toro, Menorcas highest mountain (357m). A winding road on a slope that stretches for 3 km and separates the town from the summit. The first thing you’ll find is the sacred Heart of Jesus, which was put in place in 1949 paying tribute to the Menorcans who fell during the Moroccan war in 1925.

Statue - Jesus of the Sacred Heart
Menorca, Spain

Es Mercadel has three natural harbours; Fornells, Addaia and Sanitja. Most of my time was spent in the charming village of Fornells, population 1,500.

Fishing has been the main source of income for many families for hundreds of years and now co-exists with the service sector, making Fornells the islands culinary hot spot.

Where to eat in Fornells, Menorca

One of the most renowned restaurants on the island is Es Cranc (A lobster experience) where they give you bibs for a reason. Their Lobster dish was over the top.

Es Cranc, Fornells, Menorca, Spain

Behind a side door next to Es Cranc is a path that meanders to a room of large water baths, and these are full of spiny lobster.

Since we are on the topic of great restaurants in Fornells, I have to say that Ca Na Marga (1 km before the village of Fornells) was also a favourite. The friendly staff and delicious menu kept us coming back for more. My go to dish was the amazing bone marrow and filet with different kinds of cheese sauces. Yummy and dangerous!!

Ca Na Marga, Menorca 
Mediterranean Restaurant

The Best Beaches in Menorca;

The Menorcan Coast, otherwise known as “the white and blue island” is full of contrast. The Coastline is 216 km long with over 100 beaches. Cala Pregonda was absolutely breathtaking. A unique combination of desert landscape with red sand and crystal waters.

Cala Pregonda Beach, Menorca

I just adored this little white house on the beach and couldn’t resist a photo op here in our latest Cobalt & Tawny * Mesa Collection.

Cala Pregonda Beach
Menorca, Spain

Another beach we visited was Playa de Cavalleria, Cala Rotja which was such a cool experience as we covered ourselves in red mud. The red sand mixed with a little water makes for an amazing body scrub and is said to be great for the skin. (bathing suit optional)

Cala Rotja, Menorca Spain
Cala Rotja
Red Sand Beach, Mud Scrub
Cala Rotja, Menorca

Top photos of Menorca, Spain

Binibeca, Menorca, Spain
Binibeca, Spain
Binibeca, Menorca Spain
Binibeca‘s quaint narrow streets and whitewashed houses.
Menorcan Fences, Menorca, Spain
Fell in love with the traditional Menorcan Fences
Wearing C&T of course! Rio Dress in Desert Rose
Farming in Menorca
Farming in Menorca is a source of both work and play for many Menorcans whose livelihood and spare time revolve around them.
Hayday! in C&T – Sedona Dress in Quartz
Sunsets in Menorca, Spain
Menorca Fornells Tower at dusk
Fornells Tower at dusk.

Honestly, I can’t wait to go back to experience more of this Island. It’s truly magical and has so much to offer. Menorca has something for everyone…couples, families and even the solo traveller. Consider this your next destination, it won’t disappoint.