Why is it important and how do we consistently practice self love?

When Juliana (TAWNY) and I decided to create a Valentine’s Day promotion we touched on the meaning of it all.

There’s so many different kinds of love and it really got me wondering … do I even love myself and what is SELF LOVE?

I decided to do some personal journeying to find out more and share with you how best to discover why it’s important and how to begin loving yourself first.

In my situation, I have had past fears, wounds, and even anger that makes it uncomfortable for me to even know where to begin. The more reading I did on this, I realized that these areas may need some work but that’s ok because when you even begin to love “all of you” unconditionally your life will gradually become simpler.

Having said that, it is a journey and practicing it daily is the first step.

I’ve been listening to podcasts during my dog walks and researching in my spare time. The fact that I’m reading and learning about the topic has already awoken my inner self love. It’s quite amazing that taking time off social media and using your time more wisely can contribute to the act of self love.

I will list my favourite affirmations that I have found useful. It’s best to say them in the mirror and I must admit I laughed the first few times I did this because I thought, if my kids walk in right now they’d wonder what the hell I’m doing. But then I realized … even better if they do because then I can explain to them exactly why I am here talking to myself. Start young kids and realize how important self love is.

It’s free, not meant to be narcissistic only to able yourself to love and be loved, not needed or to enable people.

SELF LOVE goes beyond going on a shopping spree and indulging in endless donuts. This whole process has genuinely made me smile. Do it for yourself, it’s worth it!

OK so here’s my top 8 affirmations (because 8 is my favourite number)

  1. I am in charge of my own happiness
  2. I am doing my best every day
  3. I believe in myself
  4. I will stop comparing myself to others
  5. Never give up hope
  6. Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself
  7. I will only explore conversations with people who give me positive feedback and encouragement
  8. I see my future with confidence and trust

SELF LOVE VS. SELF ESTEEM (like cousins, not twins)

This was important for me to add because these are not the same, but we need them both.


confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self respect .


regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than a narcissistic characteristic.)

These two concepts are not static. You and only you can cultivate and grow them both with practice.

I encourage you to begin to realize your self worth and begin to see yourself as the unique incredible person that you are.

READ, LISTEN TO PODCASTS, and talk to like minded people and from this moment on continue to tell yourself , you are worthy!