Sure, there have been many dark sides to this Pandemic that we can all hone in on but for one moment let’s just focus and reflect on the many opportunities and the good that has come from it.


Between factories closing and working below capacity, air traffic/tourism coming to a halt and in general the worldwide disruption has resulted in a large drop in pollution and air quality. Remember though decreasing greenhouse gases or GHG’s during a short period is not a sustainable way to clean up our environment. Always being mindful towards our planet is the key that will lead us to sustainability.


The time that we have all had at home has allowed for us to organize and maybe re-arrange something that we have wanted to do for years but never really had the chance to start given our hectic schedules. Time to create a garden perhaps, or practice that ukulele with online lessons anything that we’ve been putting off for lack of TIME. Time for anything or nothing!


Now more than ever our thoughts and moods are like a rollercoaster. Maybe when we are on the high of it we could then reach out to others and ask “hey, how are you doing today?” It’s real!!! Uncertainty fuels anxiety. So please use your kindness and time of higher energy to spread it to others that may need a little extra love and energy. After all, we are all in this together.


Maybe things we took for granted in the past we can turn into gratefulness. Think about your old habits and what new ones you’ve created that have enriched your life. We are still in this Pandemic and under some form of restrictions depending on your jurisdiction so there is still time to reflect and manifest a brighter, better you. Put into your physical reality through thought, feelings and beliefs; manifest your here and now for your clearer brighter future. Whatever you focus on is what you can bring to reality.


As we know, at some point in the future there will be more normalcy, so using this time at home to enhance family life is there for the taking. Love them unconditionally and take time to really listen without judgment. This is an opportunity to feel and experience a sense of control over their life and emotions. It is more important than ever to make our families the centre of our lives and the top of our priorities.

We are so grateful for your continued support as a small business especially during these uncertain times. Our newest Collection Hawaii 77 involves some laid back pieces that you can wear now (from home) and again somewhere special that you’ve been dreaming of.

“It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude. It’s gratitude that brings us happiness.”